The nerf gun is made by Hasbro and is designed especially for children 8
years old and over. The shots of Nerf guns can lead to serious eye problems when hit with
bullets at high speed. An Eye specialist at Moorfields eye hospital describes that the
unlabelled bullets are harder and can cause more damage to the eyes and vision.
The mild symptoms after the nerf gunshot in the eyes include swelling, redness, pain, itchiness, and inflammation.


Are Nerf Guns Dangerous?

From a case study, we will know the answer to this question. In America, Mr. Steward and his wife were playing with nerf guns with their children in their home garden. He accidentally shot her with the nerf gun in the close area of the
eye while playing.
As a result, The vision in her eye to “go black”
and she felt like someone had squirted black ink into her eyes abruptly. for a
moment she thought she have lost her vision.
She was taken to the emergency department in the hospital where eye specialist doctors told her patient had suffered from a “flattened pupil”.
She told that It took 6 months for her vision to return to normal. Now the nerf
guns are locked and her sons can use them only under her supervision of her by wearing eyewear.
The use of nerf guns is unsafe and dangerous for toddlers and goggles are very important to use
According to eye experts, the bullets of nerf guns hitting at high speed can cause long-term loss of vision and eye issues.
This case study shows the serious eye injuries that may develop from nerf gun bullets
and calls into consideration the requirement for eyewear with their

Are Nerf Bullets Safe?

The manufacturer says regarding nerf gun products comply with all global safety rules and
regulations and standards. His statement describes that the nerf foam darts
and foam rounds are not dangerous if we use them properly.
Consumers should be careful to use nerf blasters and try to avoid hitting someone’s face or eyes. Consumers should use only official nerf darts that are labeled and
never modify darts and blasters.
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