Massaging near the eyes or applying excess pressure to the eye area may cause irritation and swelling. However, if the person getting the massage has an underlying disease that causes puffiness in the eyes, the massage may exacerbate the condition.

Can rubbing your eyes make them swell?

If you rub your eyes a lot, it can cause them to swell. Friction from rubbing causes your blood vessels to dilate, which inflates the surrounding tissues, and rubbing also causes irritation and dryness.
It is best to keep away from rubbing your eyes and uses lubricating eye drops or other treatments to alleviate the discomfort. If the puffiness or swelling does not go away, you should see a doctor for further help.

Where is the best place to massage your eyes?

There are several specific acupressure points around the eyes that can be massaged to alleviate eye strain and improve overall eye health. Some commonly used points are:
  • The inner corner of the eyebrows, also known as the “Third Eye” point
  • The outer corner of the eye sockets, also known as the “Heavenly Pillar” point
  • The temples, just above the eyebrows and in line with the pupils
  • The bridge of the nose, where the nose meets the forehead
It is important to be gentle when massaging these points, as the skin and tissues around the eyes are delicate. It’s best to close your eyes while massaging and to avoid massaging too hard or too long.

How long should I massage my eyelids?

The duration of an eyelid massage will depend on your personal requirements and the condition you wish to treat. Generally, the duration of a massage session should be between one and three minutes, with each point being massaged for 10-15 seconds. You can do this once or twice a day.
It is essential to be mindful of any discomfort or pain you experience while massaging as well as to discontinue immediately if any. It is also important to remember that eyelid massage is not recommended for everyone.
If you have any eye problems or injuries, consult a healthcare professional or licensed massage therapist prior to attempting to massage your eyelids.
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