The biting and stinging bugs are mostly more annoying than anything. But a
sting or bite near your eyelids can be more frustrating.

The skin around your eyelids is more sensitive therefore it tends to swell up very fast. It can create reddish, pain, and swelling close your eyes. It
can be a serious issue that needs to be cured.


Eye Specialist doctors say that an infection from a bug bite or a
mosquito is normally associated with an allergic reaction. It can be treated with cold compresses, topical or oral steroids, antibiotics,
anti-inflammatory, and oral antihistamines drugs.

Fast Swollen Eyelid Treatment for a Bug Bite

Corticosteroids as Steroids

You can treat swollen eyelids from a mosquito bite with corticosteroids or steroids. Corticosteroids are steroid hormones produced by your body.

Corticosteroids are a type of anti-inflammatory drug and used to treat
allergies, blood disorders, inflammation of blood vessels, swelling, and skin

There are given below some corticosteroids which you can use to treat
mosquito bite infections on your eyelids skin.

  1. Prednisolone
  2. Betamethasone
  3. Dexamethasone 


Antibiotics are commonly used to treat bacterial infections. it helps to reduce inflammation and swelling. The course of antibiotics is normally 5 to
7 days but if you are taking any antibiotic it is necessary to use
antibiotics for a minimum of 3 days must.

There is a list of some antibiotics that helps you to reduce swelling on
your eyelid skin.

  1. Amoxicillin
  2. Doxycycline
  3. Cephalexin
  4. Augmentin
  5. Azithromycin
  6. Co-Amoxiclav
  7. Clavulanate


Serratiopeptidase and Ibuprofen are anti-inflammatory drugs that are used to treat swelling, sore throat, and other cavities and inflammation around the nose. It helps to remove pain and postoperative wound inflammation.

Above 18 years of age can take 10mg of serratiopeptidase three times a day for
5 days to reduce swelling and inflammation.

The recommended dose of Ibuprofen 400mg or 200mg is three times a day in adults. Children can use ibuprofen in syrup form.

There are some other anti-inflammatory drugs given below that you can use
to relieve pain and swelling.

  1. Naproxen Sodium
  2. Mefenamic Acid
  3. Diclofenac Sodium
  4. Diclofenac Potassium


Taking antihistamines is the best remedy for allergic reactions. it reduces the chemical histamine in the body. The results are relief from
itching, swelling, pain, and inflammation caused by hives.

Best Home Remedies for Bug Bites on Eyelids Infection

Cold Compress

Use a cold compress on your eyelids by putting on a clean and wet cloth twice a day for 15 to 20 minutes. If your eyes are suffering from a stye
you can apply a cold compress to your swollen eyelids.

You can buy Hot & Cold packs from the market for this purpose. You can
use it for both hot and cold compress purposes and can apply it to your
body’s skin.

Apple Cide Vinegar

Apple Cide Vinegar is the best home remedy for Bug Bites on Swollen
Eyelids. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce swelling and inflammation.

Take 10ml apple Cide Vinegar and mix 5ml water in it then take a small
cotton piece and dip it into and apply or rub this prepared solution on
the affected area of the eyes.

Please be careful to put this solution directly in the eyes. It can cause
more trouble and pain.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda for Mosquito Bites is a very fast relief home remedy to
reduce inflammation and swelling. 

When you mix water with Baking Soda it becomes an Alkaline Solution and after applying this solution to affected areas on swollen eyelids the result can be seen within a few minutes.

Aloe Vera

The use of Aloe Vera is a very effective home remedy for bug bites on

Aloe Vera can be applied directly on eyelids as a remedy. it gives you a
fast and quick remedy to remove infection and swelling. 
You can also mix yogurt in the aloe vera for mosquito bite swelling.
After applying this you will feel peace from itching and pain.

Tooth Paste

A Tooth Paste consists of Baking Soda, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Triclosan ingredients. These ingredients help to control swelling and inflammation by killing harmful bacteria on Eyelids.

Do not apply toothpaste for remedy as Gel. it will not beneficial for you. For best results apply herbal toothpaste for this treatment. it gives you more benefits because it is made with herbs and has no side effects.


Honey has natural properties as anti-inflammation and is used as a home remedy commonly to stop swelling, pain, and inflammation. Apply some amount
of honey on your eyelid’s affected area for better results as a home

Antiseptic Soaps

An antiseptic soap controls swelling and inflammation by killing bacteria. Antiseptic soap cleans your skin and saves you from harmful
bacteria or viruses. 

Herbal soaps are also can be used for this remedy but don’t use any dry
or wet or cosmetic soap for this purpose.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is also the best home remedy for bug bites infections. Take some Epsom Salt and mix some water in it. it becomes a solution then apply this on your swollen eyelids. it reduces pain, swelling, itching, and

Herbal Oils

There are many herbal oils available in the market for the remedy of eyelids inflammation. Coconut oil can be used as a remedy to remove the
inflammation in the eyelids.

Lavender oil is the most popular herbal oil that is used for the remedy
of different eye infections.

Garlic and Onion

Garlic and onions are easily available at home. Small and minced pieces can be applied on eyelids for the eyelids treatment as a home

Mosquito bites can be prevented by keeping clean our surroundings. Keep your home neat and clean, especially your kitchen. Beware of any clogging of water at home. These precautions can stop a place from becoming a breeding place for mosquitoes.

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