Today lash lifts became a craze globally. These days we are going to know that how can we treat swollen eyelids from the lash lifts.
however, before treatment, it Is necessary to understand whats the most reason for the swollen eyelid is after lash lifts. The result of treatment
depends on the explanation of the causes of swollen eyelids.

Your eyelids will be infected with alternative diseases or viruses as
is incredibly dangerous nowadays.

Why are My Eyes Swollen after Lash Lift

Many women have no idea how to lash lift properly therefore this simple
treatment becomes a danger for her lashes forever.

Lash lift kit consists of glue, lash lift Rod, lash lift lotion made up
of chemicals for a lash lift caused by allergic, irritation, redness,
itching, and inflammation of the eye and lid area of the eye.

Sometimes women use mascara or any other makeup tool after a lash lift
while it is a precautionary measure we should not use these things before
48 hours.

After lash lift touching again and again to the eyelashes and eyelashes extensions produce harmful bacteria.

Women for long and luscious lashes lift more than touched into the upper
area of the eye it creates redness, swelling, and itching on the sensitive
skin and eye.

After lash lift dryness is a common effect on the eyes you might be prone
to rashes and allergies on your skin.


Swollen Eyelid Treatment after Eyelash Extensions

Clean your eyes skin with a
saline water solution two or three times a day. The most common symptom of swollen eyelids is allergic so you can use any anti-allergic tablet daily once a day before sleeping. It helps to reduce swelling and allergies on your skin.

You can also use eye drops for the treatment of swelling and inflammation of the eyes. The artificial tears eye drop is the best solution for

You can use bacterial antibiotics tablets for the treatment of swollen eyelids. The use of any bacterial antibiotics for 5 to 7 days removes the swelling and inflammation completely. You can also use antibiotics and
antibacterial eye ointment
for this treatment.

You can take also pain relief and anti-bacterial eye masks for this remedy.
IMAK eye masks are a cool therapy for eye swelling, stress, eye pain,
and puffy eyes.

In the case of dryness to your eyes after eyelash extensions, You can use Vaseline (Petroleum jelly) or any moisturizing lotion on your eyes skin 24 hours after the lash lift. Vaseline is used for minor skin scrapes and burns of any part of your body. it also moisturizes your skin and prevents you from skin stains with the use of nail polish, hair dye, lash lift, eyelash extensions, and eye makeup. Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) remove your makeup and saves you
from rashes.


Swollen Eyelid at Home Treatment

Wash your eyes with clean water and clean your eyes. You can also use
baby shampoo mix with water for this purpose.

You can use a hot and cold pack for warm and cool fomentation. It
decreases the swelling of the eyes.

Take small simple cotton pieces drown in cool water and place them on your closed eyes for some time. It gives you relief and comfort to your eyes.

Use a cool compress on your eyes skin. It can be a cold washcloth.
Otherwise, Take two black chilled tea bags and allow them to cool or cool
in the refrigerator for 15 to 20 minutes, and then apply these tea bags on
your closed eyes for 20 to 30 minutes.

Elevating your head when sleeping with your head elevated the gravity keeps down the acids and helps to prevent the stomach’s acids from entering into the esophagus ( tube of dosage) that decreases fluid retention. Which can
reduce the swelling eyelids.


Precautions for Swollen Eyelid Treatment

Please remember
depends on Precations. Doctors say that the precations are the half treatment of every disease. So please don’t ignore it.

Remove contacts if you have them. Do not rub your eyes skin again and again. If you wear eye makeup. Do not share it with others.

Do not use Mascara 48 hours after the lash lift. Before lash lift read the literature of lash lift kit carefully. Suggest the experts
and then try at home.

Water or any moisturizer like vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) should not use
before 24 hours after lash lift because it will create changes in the Hair’s
cortex once they have set through chemical changes.

Sometimes the only solution is eyelid surgery or eyelid operation. You can also get proper guidance from beauticians experts or social media
experts on Google, Instagram, and Facebook, etc.

Ruman Amjad

Hello, I am Dr. Ruman Amjad, an Ophthalmologist specializing in the field of eye care, particularly focused on helping individuals with swollen eyelids. I am thrilled to welcome you to, a comprehensive resource dedicated to providing accurate and reliable information on eyelid inflammation.


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