Botox is a particular chemical botulinum toxin that is achieved from
a particular bacteria. In other words,
Botox is an anti-wrinkle injection. It doesn’t allow the muscles to
contract. It means it paralyzes the muscles temporarily when it is
injected into the body
But there is a question that arises if it very dangerous thing then
why Botox is used commonly?
With Aging, wrinkles are started to occur on the face. Botox is a treatment to remove wrinkles on the upper layer of the skinIt
can be used through very controlled methods for beauty or many other
Botox treatment is done perfectly calculated in very small units or small
carefully. Botox is injected into different parts of the body and
it paralyzes the muscles then muscles become weak. as result, wrinkles do
not become.
Botox has effects for just six months and after it, these wrinkles again
start to become.
Botox is used commonly to remove forehead wrinkles and ladies who
want high eyebrows use botox. we can raise eyebrows and can brighten our eyes with botox.



Botox is not injected into Right Place

Ideally, botox has no side effects if it is done by experts. If it is done
by an untrained physician it can be very harmful. When it is injected very
close to the eye and it enters the eyes by mistake. it can lead to
blindness. Your upper eyelids become droopy, puffy, and swollen if the botox
is not injected in right place.

Swollen from Injection Volume/Fluid

A slight miscalculation of the fluid volume of injection can cause droopy
eyelids. if the physician injects more volume into the skin your upper
eyelids become droopy and puffy after botox.


When eyes muscles move they pump fluid out of the area. If we give
relaxation to the muscles under the eyes they do not perform effectively. It
can use fluid to pool under the eyes. it is a temporary problem and it will
be fixed after six weeks when muscles begin to strengthen again.


The use of Botulinum around the eyes diminishes the wrinkles but it also
reduces the ability of your eyes muscles. As a result, the fat is collected
around your bony orbit. It became your eyelids droopy and puffy.


Sometimes botox can cause blepharospasm.
Blepharospasm is a condition in which one eyelid is stopped at a higher
position due to the overactive eye muscle.

Droopy Eyes Treatment:

if your eyelids are drooping after botox you can use eye drops with
apraclonidine or Iopidine chemicals. Apraclonidine eye
drops are a real eye-opener in drops for eyelids not for brows
Iopidine drops perform the action of intraocular pressure reduction and
normally its effects occur within 4 to five hours after the
More botox can be fixed droopy eyebrows which can counteract relaxed
eyebrow muscles if it is injected in right place. 
Botox does not last it always goes away. You should wait for 4 to six weeks
for the botox to wear off.
Droopy eyelids can be treated with
ptosis surgery
In case your droopy eye issue is not resolved then contact your eye
specialist surgeon for the remedy.
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