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What does your eye look like after glaucoma surgery?

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After glaucoma surgery, there may be a small incision or scar at the site of the surgery, and the eye may be red and swollen for a few days or weeks. The surgery may also affect the overall appearance of your eye.


How long does it take for the eye to heal?

The healing time after glaucoma surgery can differ based on the type of surgery conducted. For example, you may recover from laser surgery in a few days, whereas it may take weeks to heal from traditional filtering surgery.

What not to do after glaucoma surgery?

Do not participate in any activity that can put pressure on your eye after your glaucoma surgery. This includes lifting heavy items, straining, or rubbing your eye. Your doctor may also advise you to avoid certain medications or activities, such as swimming, hot tubs, or certain medications post-surgery until your eye heals completely.

How long does it take for stitches to dissolve?

Variations in the dissolvability of the stitches are responsible for the differences in post-surgical recovery times for glaucoma surgery. Usually, dissolvable stitches are used for the surgery, and they are designed to dissolve and vanish within a few weeks to a few months of the surgery. However, dissolvable stitches can take up to six months to dissolve completely.

What eye drops are prescribed?

Here are a few examples of eye drops that may be prescribed after glaucoma surgery:
  1. Antibiotic drops: Tobramycin, Moxifloxacin, Ciprofloxacin.

  2. Anti-inflammatory drops: Prednisolone acetate, Difluprednate, Loteprednol Etabonate.

  3. Medications to lower intraocular pressure: Latanoprost, Travoprost, Bimatoprost, Timolol.

It's important to understand that the drops prescribed will depend on the kind of surgery, the patient's specific condition, and the surgeon's choice. The drops listed here are not comprehensive, and it's always best to follow the instructions given by your surgeon.

What are the side effects of glaucoma surgery?

Some common side effects of glaucoma surgery may include:
Post-operative side effects may include eye pain or irritation, light sensitivity, and blurred vision, which are most often managed with prescribed painkillers and eye drops.
They may also include redness or inflammation of the eye, which is usually mild and managed with over-the-counter pain medication or eye drops prescribed by the surgeon. Infection and cataract formation are serious and rare complications.

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