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Can exercise cause swollen eyes?

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Swollen eyes from exercise can also be referred to as periorbital edema. This condition occurs when the increase in blood flow to your head and face during exercise causes fluids to leak out of blood vessels and into surrounding tissues.


Additionally, some individuals might experience allergic reactions to certain types of exercise equipment or environmental factors like pollen, which may also lead to swollen eyes.

Can dehydration cause swollen eyes?

Swollen eyes are a common symptom of dehydration. This happens due to a lack of fluids in the body, which leads to fluid retention and accumulation in the tissues surrounding the eyes.

Dehydration also causes the blood vessels to constrict, thereby blocking fluids from circulating normally and leading to edema (swelling) in the surrounding tissues. If you believe that your swollen eyes are because of dehydration, then you should drink plenty of water and electrolyte-rich fluids to rehydrate your body.

Am I allergic to exercise?

It is unlikely that you can be allergic to exercise. However, some people may develop symptoms like hives, itching, or difficulty breathing while they are exercising or after they exercise, which may be referred to as exercise-induced anaphylaxis, a severe and rare type of allergic reaction to exercise. It is essential to consult a doctor for the proper diagnosis and treatment.

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