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Sap from Garden Plants Can Burn your Eyes after Gardening

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According to a new report from World Health Organization, gardeners should be careful sap from toxic gardens during gardening activity. Euphorbia includes more than 2000 species such as succulents, tropicals, flowering shrubs, and trees.

Most of the plants in euphorbia produce white latex sap. It can be a harmful chemical for your skin which can make your eyes puffy or swollen if you touch your hands at the eyes or close to the eye area after gardening.


Getting sap in the eye can cause mild to moderate or severe eye infections such as burning, itching, pain, swelling, light sensitivity, blurry vision, puffy eyes, watery eyes, and swollen eyelids.

Sometimes rubbing eyes with hands during gardening can cause an allergic reaction because debris and dust can enter inside the eyes.

Sap from Garden Plants According to a Case Study

The 29 years old patient came to Katherin McVeigh in the Bristol Eye Hospital with pain and inflammation in the eyes. At first, Katherin couldn't figure out the actual reason behind it.

She describes in her report, patient denies that he did not use any chemicals during gardening. Eventually, contact with euphorbia plants in the patient's garden was attributed to the actual problem by Katherin in her report.

She writes in her report, sap with toxic garden plants can burn to the different parts of the eyes such as ulcers on the cornea and blindness.

How to Treat infection with Sap from Garden Plant?

She told in her report, irrigation of the eyes is a key when any chemical injures your eyes. Because it dilutes the substance in question and also helps to reset the pH of the ocular surface.

Katherin said, pH in the eye is rebalanced and it is the main treatment for euphorbia.

People should wear gloves and eyewear before handling garden plants. Washing out the eyes, using topical antibiotics and eye patches are the best treatment options.

People should be aware of species of plants while working with them.

Wash your hands after gardening, and remember that do not rub your eyes during gardening because it can burn your eyes with harmful chemical effects.

Parents should also educate their children about the injuries which have affected the pediatric population badly through playing in the garden.

Usually, any serious treatment does not require and the infection may last for two weeks. but in a few cases, a serious or long-term infection may occur after gardening. So keep in mind above mentioned safety measures during gardening.

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