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Can Omicron Variant Make Your Eyes Swell?

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People are saying Covid is back but I say covid had not gone ever. Now a new variant of Covid has appeared named "Omicron Variant". People have many questions in their minds about the Omicron variant.

Will it spread rapidly? Can the omicron virus affect vaccinated individuals? can the omicron virus cause swelling in your eyes? is the omicron variant more dangerous than coronavirusToday I will give you the answer above mentioned all these queries in this post.


Omicron Variant is originated from South Africa. It is reported first time on 24th November 2021 and on 26 Nov.2021 it is labeled as a variant of concern by the WHO (World Health Organization).

If we go a little back we see the last variant that is reported on Oct.2020 named " Delta variant" and had caused dilapidation in the whole world.

How much omicron virus is dangerous?

a spike protein is a part of a virus inside of the omicron variant that helps to attach to virus cells. It has many changes and these changes are called "mutations" in medical terms. It is estimated that the Omicron virus has more than 30 mutations.

Due to the excessive numbers of mutations, the transmissibility of this virus can be 100% to 500% more than coronavirus. It means the omicron variant is more dangerous than the covid-19 virus. But now studies are not showing the severity of the disease of this virus.

Can the Omicron virus affect vaccinated individuals?

Reinfection is appeared according to a case study of the omicron virus. Usually, It has been seen the majority of people who are infected by this virus were vaccinated. So the vaccinated individuals have more chances of hitting with this virus.

According to the existing cases, young people are much infected by this virus.

Signs and Symptoms

Omicron virus has the same signs and symptoms as the Covid-19 virus.
  • Fever
  • Body Pain
  • Sore Throat
  • Prunellas
  • Difficulty in Breathing
  • Loss of Taste/ loss of smell in very few cases.

Can Omicron virus Make your Eyes Swell?

The Omicron variant has the same signs and symptoms as coronavirus. So at this base, we can say that your eyes may be swollen or puffy in a few conditions as we have seen in covid-19 cases. But still, an authentic study or case has not appeared related to eye infections by omicron variant.

How we can Save from the Omicron Virus?

Vaccine saves us from severe disease and death but does not prevent us from attacks of this type of viruses. So precautions are the same as we have already been done in covid-19 conditions.
  • Wear the face masks
  • Keep maintain the social distance
  • Avoid the crowded places
  • Avoid the close contact
  • Have good ventilation in offices and homes
Presently omicron virus cases have been reported from 12 countries of the world. As a result, it is spreading speadily but It has still no chances of severe diseases according to the reported cases.

How it can be Detected?

If you are feeling its signs and symptoms so quickly see a doctor and do a PCR test because it is detected through PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test. If PCR test shows a result in negative. You should be quarantined yourself. In this way, you can minimize the chances of spreading this virus. 

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