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Can Alcohol Cause Swollen Eyelids? - 8 Alcoholic Effects

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Many cases have been reported in which alcohol left different effects on your eyes. Most of the effects are temporary and go out automatically after taking a rest. These effects can be treated with eye drops easily and no serious treatment is required for it. But there is a need to know about the different effects that appeared after drinking wine.


8 Different Effects of Alcohol on the Eyes

Alcohol has different effects on the eyes but these effects depend on how many drinks you have drunk at one time. So let's start to explain some adverse effects of wine that make your eyes red, dry, puffy, and swollen.

1. Double or Blurry Vision

Usually, high consumption of alcohol makes your vision blurry or double because alcohol contains carbohydrates that raise blood sugar levels. This way you may face dizziness, double or blurry vision after drinking too much wine.

2. Red or Bloodshot Eyes

It is a second side effect of drinking heavy wine because alcohol can cause the blood vessels in the eyes to swell. It does not only cause swollen blood vessels also can develop allergic, itchiness, pain, and inflammation in the eyes.

3. Dry Eyes

Alcohol has a diuretic effect, meaning it develops frequent urination that may contribute to dehydration. Sweating is another side effect of alcohol that can deplete fluid levels. As a result, your eyes become dry after drinking alcohol, and lubricant eye drops are the best treatment for this reaction.

4. Twitching or Trouble Focusing

Too much alcohol reduces the normal processing level of the pupils. As a result, we don't react to different lights and colors that can lead to twitching or difficulty focusing.

5. Loss of Vision

Drinking heavy wine can lead to loss of vision, an eye disease known as toxic amblyopia. This happens when the toxins of the alcohol cause damage to the optic nerve. Our optic nerve contains millions of nerve fibers and its main function is to carry the messages from the eyes to the brain.

6. Distorted Vision

Drinking alcohol on a regular basis reduces the effectiveness of communication between neurotransmitters in the brain. This effect creates a problem of distorted vision. Alcohol slows the functioning ability of the eyes muscle that can weaken muscle coordination.

7. Involuntary Eye Movement

Alcohol causes involuntary eye movements as well as being uncomfortable it can lead to a reduction in visual ability.

8. Yellow Sclera

The white area of the eye is known as the "sclera". The sclera may get yellowness after a few years of drinking. The yellow sclera is also a symbol of liver disease. Alcohol destroys the function of the liver badly therefore the liver does not perform its actions effectively. The main function of the liver is to purify the blood of the whole body but when our liver does not work properly as a result, yellowness appeared in both eyes.

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