Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Is Lasik Safer than Contact Lenses?

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Lasik may be as safe or safer than contact lenses for many people. Many from us assume Lasik surgery is riskier than wearing contact lenses as LASIK is a surgical procedure while wearing contact lenses does not involve surgery. However, is this common notion correct?


Is Lasik Better than Contact Lenses?

More and more studies have come out showing that the risks of LASIK surgery are comparable to wearing contact lenses and in some cases, LASIK surgery might even be safer.

The key here is that the risk of developing an infection from wearing contact lenses is cumulative which means the longer a person has been wearing contact lenses, the higher the risk of developing an infection.

Of course, if someone only wears contact lenses for six months or a year, the risk of getting an infection from wearing contact lenses is low. probably lower than the risk of LASIK. But most people who wear contact lenses wear them for years or decades over that amount of time, the risk of wearing contact lenses may become equal to or greater than the risk of a one-time LASIK surgery.

Common Factors that Increase the Risk of Infection

There are additional factors that increase the risk of infection from contact lens wear such as poor contact lens hygiene and overnight wear. So it is important to have an individualized discussion with your eye doctor or eye surgeon to determine which version correction method is the safest one for you long-term.

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