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Potential Risks of Magnetic Eyelashes - Are they Safe?

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Magnetic eyeliner or eyelashes contain small magnets without the use of glue to help the products "stick" to your upper eyelids. These are marketed as easy to use and safe by the companies that market such products.

It is true that magnetic lashes and eyeliner have few adverse effects and does not consider totally risk-free. They have a small number of risks Especially if you use them wrongly.


There is a need to know about how to use magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner safely or correctly. Ask your eye doctor before using this type of cosmetic product especially if you have any preexisting eye complications.

Potential Risks of Magnetic Eyelashes

An allergic reaction may occur with the use of magnetic lashes. Don't use eyelashes or any other eye cosmetics if your eyes already have irritation or infection.

Magnetic eyelashes contain small magnetics and with false use, these small magnetics can tear your natural eyelashes or can damage the hair follicles of the eyes.

During the removal procedure, Peel apart the magnets slowly and read all the instructions on the packing carefully given by the manufacturer. You can lose your natural lashes during removal. They can break your natural lashes and your natural lashes may grow in the wrong direction.

If you are undergoing MRI, don't wear magnetic lashes on the day of the appointment. According to a study of National Institue of Health , these eye cosmetic products may dislodge of your eyes and become moving projectiles.

If you use them wrongly you may experience irritation, allergic reactions, and infection in the eyes or around the eyes.

Poorly fitted magnetic lashes can slide away from the lash line and brush to the eyes. This can lead to corneal abrasion and can damage the cornea of the eye.

Touching your eyes to put magnetic lashes on can lead to an eye infection. You may experience a stye on eyelids.

Are Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Safe?

Other false eyelashes use harmful glues or adhesives and these can cause allergic reactions and irritation. Therefore magnetic eyeliners are considered safe than others. A short answer appears to be yes.

But side effects and risks are still involved if you don't use them correctly or safely.

How to use Correctly or Safely?

Wash your eyes, face, and hands effectively before using magnetic eyeliner or lashes to prevent bacterial infection.

Use magnetic eyeliners on clean skin always. Before using read the manufacturer's instructions must.

If you are thinking to wear other cosmetic products such as eye shadow, be sure to use it first and then use magnetic lashes.

Take the eyeliner brush from the tube and gently brush the product along your lash line.

First, take one set of magnetic eyelashes and use it on one side of natural eyelashes after then use the other.

If you are using eyeliners and eyelashes together, attach the lashes quickly to the eyeliners. If you are using such a set of magnetic lashes that doesn't require eyeliners then each side of the lashes should attach together directly.

Gently press both sides of the lashes to make sure that they have been set firmly in place.

Safety Tips

If you have decided to go with magnetic eyelashes, remember the following things:

  • Don't share your lashes with others.
  • Change the lashes or every cosmetic product after every three months.
  • Keep the lashes box clean and closed.
  • Don't keep your lashes at a place above the 30° temperature.
  • If you are allergic or irritant with magnetic lashes then doesn't use them.
  • Wash your hands before touching the skin of the eyes.
  • Don't touch or scratch the eyeball while applying the lashes.
  • Don't try to put lashes while driving a vehicle. It can cause injury or infection.
  • If you are having MRI, ask your doctor before using magnetic eyelashes.

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