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6 Ways to Treat an Allergy to Eyelash Extension Glue

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According to the study in 2012, the researchers found that participants had allergic reactions involving the eyelids due to the eyelash glue that is used to attach the eyelash extensions.

In most cases, A person is allergic to the glue because the glue leaks usually onto the eyelids or into the eyes. Which can create a reaction.


How Do You Get Rid of Swollen Eyelids From Eyelash Glue?

1. Apply Cortisone Cream

Cortisone cream is a topical alleviant to mild allergic reactions and can assist in mild complications such as eyelash extensions, glue, or adhesives. If you are noticing irritation, redness, or discomfort you can use a small amount of it for treatment. It is an over-the-counter medication you can purchase without a prescription.

2. Benadryl

Benadryl is a blessing for those who are with adhesive sensitivity. It is not used mainly to cure someone's allergy to eyelash extension glue but it helps to ease the sensitivity to chemicals after the lash appointment.

After a short amount of time, it will remove the irritating chemical from the affected area. It is a quick alleviant to treat swelling, irritation, and redness.

Benadryl is also used to determine the sensitivity of chemicals is mild or severe. Take a small amount of Benadryl and examine the symptoms over the next 48 hours.

3. Remove Glue from Eyes With Nail Polish Remover

If you are monitoring the allergic reactions from eyelash glue then remove it with nail polish remover with acetone that is applied with a Q-Tip. It will definitely break the bond.

Keep in mind don't try to peel the glue off otherwise you may tear your skin.

4. Cold Compress

If you are feeling discomfort from allergic reactions with eyelash adhesives or glue then take a cold compress. It will definitely give you good feelings and comfort.

It helps to ease the sensitivity of harmful chemicals and bacteria and as a result, minimizes the swelling and irritation.

5. OTC Eye Drops/Ointment

If you are feeling allergy inside your eyes you can take over-the-counter eye drops or eye ointments as a treatment. If you have an infection in the eyes, your doctor may suggest oral antibiotics medication for treatment.

6. Urgent Care

If the eyelash glue gets into your eyes it can cause damage to the eyes. It can scratch the cornea of the eyes and can lead to possible severe reactions. So keep in mind only mild symptoms can be treated at home. If you have severe symptoms the best solution is to see a medical specialist.

How Can We Prevent Allergic Reactions to Eyelash Glue?

Here are some tips that you can do to stay safe while applying for eyelash extensions.

1. Use Minimal Adhesive/Glue

Try to use minimal adhesive or glue during applying lash extensions procedure. During applying each lash only one thing to keep in mind is that you are not getting too close to the lash line. Staying at least 1mm away from the lash line is a good rule to apply for lash extensions.

2. Remove Adhesive Immediately

Remove adhesive or glue immediately when it starts to touch your skin. It will save you from an allergic reaction to eyelash glue.

3. Use a Nano Mister

Use a nano mister that reduces the vapors and fumes which usually cause irritation as the adhesive cures. The tiny hydrogen drops of nano mister harden the glue immediately that reducing the risks of allergy.

4. Follow Correct Procedures

Follow the correct aftercare procedures while applying for lash extensions. Use the right lash shampoo with the right brushes and use a proper brushing technique to keep extensions detangled and fluffy.

Keeping clean eyelashes will definitely help to minimize the risks of developing an allergic reaction. It will also enhance the life of extensions and will keep maintaining healthy eyes and lashes.

5. Take Aftercare Kit

We suggest that take an aftercare kit after a lash service reduces the risk of allergic reactions.

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