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4 Main Reasons for Eye Swelling During and After Pregnancy

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In the following article, I decided to emphasize the main reasons for eye swelling during pregnancy and after delivery. You may face different eye symptoms of the eye weakness in pregnancy and postpartum. There are given below the symptoms that affect your vision during and after delivery.


Eye Symptoms During and After Pregnancy

  1. Intermittent Blur
  2. Dizziness
  3. Light Sensitivity
  4. Eyestrain
  5. Double Vision
  6. Temporary loss of vision
  7. The appearance of flashing lights
  8. Dry Eyes
  9. Blurred Vision
  10. Preeclampsia

Main Reasons for Eye Swelling in Pregnancy and Postpartum

1. Hormonal Changes

Hormones are changed during pregnancy and after delivery. Some hormones are increased more and some are decreased more. Therefore the size and shape of the cornea of the eyes is changed. 

It is a very common effect due to hormonal changes in pregnancy condition and as result, our vision is blurred or eyes become dry and swollen.

You don't need any serious treatment for this common effect of hormonal change on your eyelids because after delivery your eyes or vision recover automatically some days later. Some women are lucky whose vision is recovered within a few days or some women face long-term blurred and their vision is recovered after 9 or 1o months during mother's feeding.

2. Hypertension

Hypertension during pregnancy may be very dangerous it may cause preeclampsia ( A disease that damages the organs system) and as result, your vision may be blurred or it also can lead to blindness but in some rare cases.

High blood pressure during pregnancy places more stress on vision or eyes that's why Swelling or Blurry vision or light sensitivity are the symptoms that you can face. If you are facing these issues you should check out your eyes to your eye specialist.

3. Edema

Edema may occur in women during pregnancy due to extra fluid in the body or pressure from the uterus. Edema can happen in different body parts mostly in feet, ankles, and legs but in some cases in the eyes.

The swelling tends to get swear if a woman's due date is near during pregnancy.

4. Diabetes

During pregnancy, our blood sugar level fluctuates a lot. It damages the blood vessels close to the retina of the eyes. In a result, our vision can damage badly but it is temporary and it is also known as " gestational diabetes". 

Women with diabetes can lead to diabetic macular edema ( swelling in the macula). This disease can lead to partial vision loss or blindness.

Eye Care in Pregnancy

  • Don't wear contact lenses otherwise your eyelids become dry, itchy, swollen, and painful.
  • Use Vitamin C or Iron supplements in Pregnancy
  • Keep your body hydrated if you are feeling dryness or itchiness on your eyelid's skin.
  • Wash your eyes with cold water
  • Don't sit before the screen
  • If you are going outside in sunlight, wear the sunglasses
  • Use saline water, if your eyelids are swollen and puffy.
  • Use artificial tear drops to minimize swelling and itching.
  • Take balanced diet
  • Use more vegetables in the diet because vegetables are naturally low in fat or calories.
Please Contact to physician or doctor in serious conditions.

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