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Best Treatment for Baby Pink Eye - Conjunctivitis

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In this post, I am sharing details about conjunctivitis or pink eye in babies. Conjunctivitis is very common in July or august especially and typically it spreads very easily in this season. I hope a lot of parents might be looking for this information to treat their baby's eyes.


So firstly I have to tell you that conjunctivitis is very common it's not something about that you have a panic about it's not something that you have to get extremely worried about it. If you take the right treatment at the right time then you don't have to be worried at all. So I start to tell you about the symptoms of conjunctivitis.

4 Common Symptoms of the Conjunctivitis

So the typical symptoms of pink eyes that you will see:

1. Red or Pink Eye

So the white area in the eye or the lower eyelid will turn pink or reddish. It may start with one eye or it may start with both the eyes together. The symptoms will vary from one child to another or one person to another. It is very common in elders also but in children, it spreads easily.

2. Rubbing Eyes

You will see your child is rubbing his eyes or touching his eyes. The extremely rubbing or touching on the eye's skin creates harmful bacteria that become a cause of itchiness in the eyes of a baby.

3. Watery Eyes

In normal activities, if your child is not watching tv or is not Exposure to light or anything normally playing but the eyes are getting watery, again and again, can cause pink eyes in the child.

4. Green or Yellow Discharge

Green or yellow discharge that leads to sticky eyes. Some of the children while sleeping and when they woke up, could not open their eyes due to the eyes discharge and often the result of a blocked tear duct. These are the four symptoms that you will see for conjunctivitis.

But one disclaimer that I would like to give here is especially in babies less than 6 months that is another condition of the eye that you have to be very careful is blocked tear duct. So never confuse a blocked tear duct with conjunctivitis because the treatment of both is separate. So these were the symptoms now talk about the causes of pink eyes.

Top 3 Causes of Conjunctivitis

There are three main causes of conjunctivitis or pink eyes and the first one is;

 1. Viral Conjunctivitis

Viral conjunctivitis is a condition in which a highly acute conjunctival infection is usually caused by any virus. Normally viral conjunctivitis belongs to a company with a cold or after a cold in babies.

2. Bacterial Conjunctivitis

It is an infection of the eye's mucous membrane caused by bacteria, the conjunctiva that extends from the back surface of the eyelids into the fornices and onto the globe until it fuses with the cornea at the limbus.

3. Allergan Conjunctivitis

Typically it occurs due to pollution, dust or smoke, or any irritants like chlorine in the water when you put your baby in that water his eyes can get an Allergan conjunctivitis. So this virus of bacteria can spread only through by touch or rub not by just looking into the eye.

Treatment for Pink Eyes in Children

1. Consult Your Doctor

When a baby has pink eyes the first thing is you should call your eye doctor because I strongly believe that no matter how many home remedies you are aware of, I think when it comes to a kid it is so sensitive matter that a doctor can solve effectively.

2. Recommended Medication

The medication recommended for kids usually is two eye drops, the one drop is an irritant eye drop that removes irritation and keeps your eyes cool with the antibiotic eye drop that removes the harmful bacteria from the eyes. 

3. Clean eyes with Saline

Take some sterile cotton and dip it into the saline then gently clean the baby's eyes with it. It helps to protect the eyes from bacteria.

4. Give Warm Compress

Take a baby's towel and put it into the light warm water then give warm compress to the eyes of a baby. It will minimize itching and stickiness on the eyes' skin.

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