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Why is my Eye Swollen at the Beach?

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Swimming at beaches with pollution and dirty sand can cause illness. People feel joy while they spent their time on a beach but some people experience allergic reactions and sunburned their eyelids.

EPA takes initial steps to control pollution and clean up the beaches. EPA is monitoring the beach's environment and after collecting some samples of water from beaches. It announced some harmful bacteria, viruses, protozoa or parasites are involved in the water. 


There are some factors that cause eyelids to swell and infected after the beach.  

Sunburned Eyelids after Beach

Eyelids suffer Sunburn with overexposure to ultraviolet rays and eyelids can swell, reddish, and inflamed.

Sunburn normally starts to appear a few hours after the beach in the daytime. But there is no need for any serious treatment for eyelids sunburn.

But if you are facing headache, high fever, nausea, and blistering problems for one or two days. then you need medical treatment and call your eye doctor must.

Allergy on Eyelids

Usually, people use sunscreen before going to the beach and spent their time. Chemicals are found in sunscreen which can cause allergic reactions on the skin. Contact dermatitis is a common example of sunscreen reaction after the beach.

Lupus or Porphyria

Some people have more sensitive skin or are using high blood pressure medicine or taking any other medical treatment, therefore, sunlight on Beach can cause rashes, lupus, and Porphyria on any part of the skin.

Lupus is a body reaction when your immune system attacks your own tissues or body cells. it can create inflammation on any part of whole-body skin but normally under the eyes.

Insect Sting

People get insect stings normally at the beach and get allergic reactions because of it. It can be extremely dangerous in some cases like Anaphylaxis that is a life-threatening allergy.

How to treat Sunburned Eyelids?

Use Cold compress

Take a cloth piece and wet it in cold water then place it on your eyelids. Hot and cold pack is available at medical stores or pharmacies for this purpose.

Pain Relief or Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

If your eyelids are sunburned you can take pain relief drugs like brufen and can take artificial tears drops or Rosewater drops for this purpose.

Protect your Eyelids

Wear sunglasses if you are going outside under the sunlight. it protects your eyelids from sunburn. Sunglasses are the barriers of eyes against the sunlight.

Moisturize your Eyelids

After sunburned eyelids may feel dryness so you can use artificial tears to moisturizer your eyelids. it helps to cool your eyelids and give you relief.

Avoid Use of Contact Lenses

Don't use Contact lenses in the sunlight. If your eyelids are sunburned so try to avoid using contact lenses for some days while they are not recovered.

Change your Diet

Using too much sugar can increase the swelling of eyelids so try to cut back on your sugar intake. You will definitely feel a difference on eyelids that constantly appear swollen.

Place Tea Bags on Eyelids

You can place tea bags on your eyelids because it has anti-inflammatory ingredients as EGCG ( epigallocatechin ) that helps to reduce swelling, redness and itching on eyelids.

Don't Use Cosmetics

The use of cosmetics can cause more swelling and irritation on eyelids. so take a break from cosmetics after the beach. 

Staying Safe at Beach

Look for Signs at Beach

Areas that are not monitored by EPA regularly avoid swimming on them and have awareness of any sign relating to the beach is closed or not safe for swimming due to bacteria, riptides, and hazards.

Always choose beaches with good water circulation and try to avoid swimming on that beaches where you see discharge pipes.

Avoid Swallowing Water

When waterborne pathogens are involved in the beach water mostly swimmers swallow that water and suffer illness. if you swim without putting your head under the water you can save yourself from sickness.

Keep Open Wounds Out of Water

If an open wound is exposed to polluted water the swimmers can get infections on their skin and eyes.

Wash Hands After Playing in Beach Sand

According to the EPA, digging in beach sand is a risk of increased gastrointestinal sickness. So after playing in beach sand wash your hands properly.

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