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Best Remedies for Swollen Eyelid after Blepharoplasty

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I want to talk about swollen eyelids after eyelids surgery. Swelling is a common adverse effect after Blepharoplasty and it is also known as eyelid lift surgery. The swelling starts to appear after surgery and peaks 2 to 4 days after the procedure. It slowly minimizes over the next few days. Sometimes swelling may remain for several weeks.


It is temporary swelling and eyelids heal quickly. Most of the patients are happy with the new look after a few weeks after surgical treatment. There are some tips to reduce swelling after eyelids surgery.

Fast Treatment: 

Herbal Remedy After Blepharoplasty

Herbal medicine has no side effects because they are manufactured with herbs and natural products. For fast removing swelling after eyelid surgery using herbal medicine is a very effective remedy. There are some herbal products given below that help to heal your eyelid after blepharoplasty treatment.


Use Rhus Toxicodendron six tablets daily three times a day. it is an over-the-counter medicine and it does not require a prescription for use. It is commonly used for strains, sprains, and for viral infections.


Pulsatilla is basically a plant it grows above the ground is dried and is used as medicine. it is used to treat painful conditions and reduce swelling. It is used to treat bacterial skin infections and inflammatory skin diseases. it is also an over-the-counter medicine and does not require a prescription. Take six tablets daily four times a day for better results of recovery.


It is used to treat itching, swelling, and inflammation. Take 6 tablets daily twice a day. Hepar Sulph 30 is an effective remedy to remove swelling after eyelid surgery.


Take Time Off to Let your Eyelids Heals

Some people get back to their normal routine after eyelid surgery. You should prepare to take time off to let your eyelids heal. You should focus on resting if you want fast treatment after blepharoplasty.

Use Cold Compress

Cold compress is a very effective remedy on the first or second day after surgery. Don't delay it, use a cold compress for 10 to 15 minutes three times a day as a fast remedy at home.

Keep Your Head Elevated

keeping your head up while sleeping reduces the fluid pressure in the delicate eye tissues. This simple exercise helps to reduce eye swelling.

Use Sunglasses for Sun Protection

Before going outside after surgery,  wear dark sunglasses with frames. Use sunscreen against UV rays to protect the eyes to avoid itching and irritation.

Don't Stress Your Eyes

Don't use Computers, laptops, and TV for watching favorite drama serials for a week after surgery. Don't read books it can stress your eyes and your eyes may cause irritation and swelling.

Getting a Good Night Sleep

Getting a good night's sleep is the way to heal your eyes speedy. if do not take rest properly and your sleep is incomplete. your eyes will remain under stress and your healing process will be slow.

Skip Strenuous Activities

It is very compulsory to skip that activity that increases blood flow or blood pressure. It means you need to avoid jogging, exercising, lifting weights or sports, etc. 

Stop Smoking

Smoking slows down the process of healing. smoking affects healing badly it can increase the risks of infection after surgery. You should stop smoking at least 4 weeks after surgery if you want to get a quick result of healing eyelids.

Use Vegetables in Diet

If you are using more proteins and more fats in your daily diet in results the quantity of sodium chloride is increased than potassium chloride in your body. we should take a balanced diet for balancing sodium chloride and potassium chloride quantity in our body.

Potassium helps the kidney and liver function properly. Geen vegetables have more potassium so therefore, we should use more vegetables after eyelid surgery to heal eyelids healing.

Don't Use Alcohol

If you are a regular user of alcohol then please cut down on it. because alcohol damages the kidney and liver badly. If your kidney does not work properly then swelling could be very long.

Don't Use Sugar if You are a Diabetic Patient

If you are a diabetic patient then don't use sugar because it increases your sugar level in the blood. Due to increase sugar levels, your wounds do not heal and swelling will not remove.

In the case of long swelling or swelling for more than 6 weeks, you should see a proper eye specialist to heal the swelling.

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