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10 Causes of Swollen and Goopy Eyes in Babies

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Causes of baby's eyelid swollen, goopy and red are divided into two categories because some causes affect both eyelids in children and some causes affect mostly one eyelid in babies.

Eye Discharge, Periorbital Cellulitis, Conjunctivitis, Edema, Anaphylaxis, Rubbing, Insect Bite or Mosquito Bite, contact dermatitis, injury, stye, dacryocystitis, and ethmoid sinus are some particular infections that can cause a baby's eyelid swelling and goopy.


Today in this article we discuss different causes of both categories related to one eyelid and both eyelids. It is very important for us to know What is the main cause of our baby's eyelid infection. We will fully try to cover the main causes all about this.

Causes of Both Baby's Eyelids Swelling

Eye Discharge Infection in Newborn Eyes

In newborns, Eye discharge is a very common infection and occurs due to a blocked tear duct. Blocked tear ducts mean any hindrance and blockage of the drain of the tears. Your tears can not drain properly. According to the American Health Organization, 20% of newborn children suffer from Eye Discharge.


Conjunctivitis in Toddlers Eyelid

Conjunctivitis in newborns can pass from her mother. a virus and harmful bacteria can transfer from mother to child during birth. Conjunctivitis in newborns is called Neonatal Conjunctivitis.

It can be caused by a blocked tear duct or any other infection. If your baby is suffering neonatal conjunctivitis for two weeks it can be very serious for your child. You should must check-up with an eye specialist doctor.

Edema In Children Eyes

When the excess fluid is trapped in the child's body. The result is swelling, redness occurs in any part of the toddler's body. Edema can also occur around the eyelids.

Toddlers have a weak urinary and circulatory system. Red blood cells are produced slowly in babies. Their developing system is working slowly than a younger as you know.  So Edema is a serious matter in babies You should treat children with a Child Specialist doctor.

Anaphylaxis in Babies Eyes

When a baby's immune system overreacts a common reaction occurs as in result. Anaphylaxis reacts with different symptoms. Your baby can face breathing problems, vomiting, loose motions, allergies in the body parts including the eyes.

Causes of One Eyelid Swelling    

Periorbital Cellulitis in Children

Periorbital Cellulitis is an infection when it occurs in the front part of the eyelid in the eyes tissues it's call Preseptal Cellulitis.

When it occurs in the eyelids from behind and from around in the eyes tissues it's called Orbital Cellulitis. it doesn't affect your baby's eyelids it normally affects one and doesn't transfer to the other eyelid. Below 6 years children, it mostly affects.

Rubbing the Eye

Children are innocent and have no sense as you know. they touch their hands to the different dirty things all the time.

When they start rubbing the eye with a dirty hand. The results are itching and redness. it can make his eyes watery and goopy.

Children with Ethmoid Sinus Infection

The ethmoid sinus is located between the eyes behind the nose and below the brain. It is an infection of the sinuses which results in swelling around the eyes and runny nose and coughing in babies.

Toddlers with Dacryocystitis

Dacryocystitis is an infection of the tear sac and usually occurred due to the blockage of the nasolacrimal duct. Normally it is located in the corners of the eyes.

It is an emergency condition in toddlers because it can lead to dangerous diseases as preorbital cellulitis and ophthalmic vein thrombosis and meningitis.

Stye in Toddlers

A stye is an infection of eyelashes roots. It occurs when harmful bacteria involve in eyelids. The baby feels itching and pain and his eyes become watery. It mostly affects one eyelid.

If your only one eyelid is swollen it means your eyes are infected with A stye, Orbital Cellulitis, Dacryocystitis, and Sinus infection probably.

Why is my Child's Upper Eyelid Swollen?

If a bump appears on your child's upper eyelid it may be Stye and Chalazion infection. A Chalazion appears in the shape of a bump on the middle of the eyelid. A stye is a reddish lump normally located on your eyelids corner part.

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